Water Heater Repair Issues You Can Handle

We all love that feeling of walking in to the bathroom, turning on the shower and a stream of hot water hits your body. A nice feeling, huh? Sometimes this is not the case, leaving you feeling disappointed. This could be an indicator that it is time for the much needed water heater repair. But, you may not need a plumbing contractor for this.

Common water heater problems

No hot water
Not enough water or water too hot
Discolored or smelly hot water
Water heater produces noises like pops, bangs, gurgles or boiling sounds

If your water heater is one that uses gas, the gas utility service provider may only be able to solve problems related to the gas but not any other. This would mean getting someone else to do that which could translate to a number of cold showers for you.
It is good for you, the user of the water heater to know some basics water heater repair, then do it on your own. Of course for more complex problems it is always advisable to seek the help of a professional.
Not enough hot water or water too hot
This is the most common water heater problem. It could be that the energy source is not producing heat. The energy source could be either gas or electricity.
Gas – Look for a flue. A flue is an indicator it is gas. A gas water heater also has a burner at the bottom.
Electric it contains electric heating elements in the tank. It also needs an electric hookup. It connects to an electric circuit breaker in the electric panel


Make an adjustment on the temperature dial that is found on the front of the water heater, and then check the water temperature at the faucet. This should quickly do the trick.
If not, replace the water heaters pressure valve; look to get a bigger water heater tank. Also make sure the tank is not leaking.

Hot water is discolored or smells bad

First get to know where the discoloration is coming from. Is it from the source or the water tank?
Certain minerals like copper, iron in the tank can cause the discoloration.
Have water filters or softeners installed in the whole house

Water heater makes noise

The hard water sediments heating and exploding inside the tank may cause a buildup.
If this is so, you can flush out the tank on your own.
For an electric heater it could be a buildup of heating elements. This means it is time to replace.

Always check the water heaters temperature. Maintain that temperature at 150o F or lower.
To minimize the energy used to heat the water, you can insulate your pipes.
Constantly keep checking the water heaters temperature pressure release valve. This valve is what keeps the pressure in the tank from building up too much.

We all want to enjoy the hot water moments. Maintain your water heater well by following the tips above will go a long way in keeping that flow of hot water constant.

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