Top 7 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repairs

Is your Fort Worth air conditioner behaving in ways that are making you question whether it requires repairs or not? It is important that air conditioner repair be carried out immediately when problems with the ac system have been discovered. This will prevent from the need for replacements of the system and even save you from very costly repairs. Most homeowners however do not know the telltale signs that an ac repair is imminent. Here are some of the common signs to look out for that indicate your air conditioning needs repairs.

Higher energy bills when the ac is in proper working order then air flows freely through the system. However when there is any problem hampering the air flow or the operation of the ac system, then the unit has to work harder to achieve the desired temperatures in the house. When this is the case then the power bills will also increase.

Strange sounds is your ac louder than usual? Are you hearing screeching sounds? Do you hear grinding or squealing sounds coming from your ac? Whenever you hear sounds that are not usual then it means something is amiss with the system. The ac has rotating fans which when in contact with other pieces will cause a lot of noise and major damage to the ac.

No cold air when your ac system is not generating any cold air then you should be wary that the system is damaged. If the system does not produce cold air even when it is put in full or the air is not cold as usually is it is because the compressor has failed if the Freon levels are still high. If the compressor is working adding the Freon might do the trick.

Poor air flow you should always have the air flow in the house at the very best when you have an air conditioner. If you notice that the air flow is now poor then it means that the ac requires repair or maintenance.

Leaking moisture when you find moisture leaks around the system could be because of two reasons. One it might be due to leakage of the refrigerant. The refrigerant is a toxic liquid and can cause major health problems, which is why it should be replaced by professionals. The other reason is because of a clogged drain tube. Sometimes the drain tube can be clogged by algae or mold and also accumulation of debris.

Foul odor – pungent smells or foul odors are an indication that there are some wire insulations that have burnt out. Replacement of the wires will require professionals so that they can use the best wires for the load. Also, if you get some rusty smell coming from the unit, it is an indication of mold growth somewhere within the system, mostly in the ducts.

Thermostat problems sometimes the problem is not in the system itself but with the thermostat. A good example of problems with the thermostat is when you notice that some rooms are colder than others when you had maintained the same temperature in the house. For such problems have a technician take a look at your system.

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