Signs That Your Roof May Be Heading To Leak

Roofs are important parts of the building and therefore must be taken care of at all times. The main purpose of the roof is to protect the inhabitants and their belongings to get into contact with weather elements, which can be dangerous to them and cause them harm. One of those elements is water, water can be very helpful in our day-to-day life, but in case it comes into contact with the things that can be damaged by it become highly poisonous. One of the ways therefore that the roofs are damaged in by curtailing their purpose which is protection of the inhabitants and belongings and therefore you need to be on the lookout of whether your roof is leaking as a leaking roof can cause great damage to your house. This article therefore will give you the signs of whether your roof is leaking. They include:

Missing and torn shingles
Shingles are a very important part fop the roof, in case they are missing or torn that and that water can pass through them into the building walls. With the leaking of the water from the torn and missing shingles, therefore your house will get damaged by the water that is flowing in thus causing you great losses, as you will have to replace the items that the water comes into contact with. Strong winds and storms are the most common reasons as to why your roof shingles might be missing and whenever you notice that they are missing you need to buy new ones and replace the lost ones immediately. In case of the torn shingles, it may be due to old age or they have reached their optimum lifespan and therefore you will need to replace them.

Rusted flashing
Flashing is basically the metal that is used to surround the chimney or vent pipes and most often, you will find it in the valleys of your roof where different roof sections meet. They are the reasons as to why your house is proof to water damage as it seals all the spots where water can gain entry into your house. Therefore, whenever you see a rusting flashing that is a clear sign that your roof is about to leak and you need therefore to replace the flashing with a new one. Sometimes the flashi9ng may be missing which could be caused also by strong winds or storms and therefore you need to replace them so that your roof may not leak.

Decayed gutters and down spouts
Gutters and downspouts are very essential in all matters regarding roofing, they are responsible for drainage of the water, which is collected by the roof into designated areas. Therefore with the decayed gutters and downspouts your house will eventually gain water as the gutters that have decayed will automatically leak the water and therefore cause great water damage to your house. Therefore, to avoid this you need to replace all the decayed gutters around your house.

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