Process Of Chimney Sweep: Modern Vs Old Historic

Chimney sweep is an individual who performs the activity of chimney cleaning and assessments of the fireplaces. This term has a very long history in the society and culture. Our profession has changed from a socially very old job into contemporary licensed professional characteristics. In old times the resources concerned, were of mainly kids because of their minor physique. It had been very easy to get them to climb and hang to the chimney channels etc. As the time passed, the occupation began getting the reputation socially and appropriately. There are a lot of good and bad examples of chimney sweeps in the history of the culture.

There are also some superstitions related to this profession in the Europe. In England and Germany the chimney sweep are considered lucky ones. In Britain nevertheless the sweeps are employed for marriage ceremonies since it’s considered lucky to get a bride to see a sweep on her big day. A representation of art is portrayed on the New Year presents in Germany. In old ages the chimney sweep used to wear a complete black suit and also a top hat that was the symbol of reputation of the chimney sweep. In this developed world, all around the globe including United States this occupation has got recognition throughout the standard institutes and guilds.

Professional sweeping process

This occupation has large potential activities in Europe and United States nowadays with professional skills and modernization of the sweeping process. In USA, CSIA has been established to monitor, standardize and regulate the occupation. CSIA offers the professional training and consequently certified to the experts. CSIA trains the chimney sweep with various systems and processes such as ventilation, usage of modern machinery in sweeping, knowledge of house pressure issues and knowledge of fuel production material i.e. Gas, wood and oil etc. CSIA certified chimney sweep has clear and efficient understanding of the all processes required with the fireplace and chimney cleaning.

He/she should have detailed procedures of the chimney, chimney cleaning and provision to be taken so that any kind of mishap or problem could be averted from occurring. A modern chimney sweep uses cameras, highlight along with other equipment for the examination of the chimney wall to find any soot or cracks whatsoever. The examination is done with detailed procedure to check out in order that not really just one problem escapes from handling. Modern chimney sweep uses vacuum cleaner to stop any soot or dirt to spread on the surrounding areas.

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